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Strategy battles inspired by Clash Royale


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Champion Strike is a game that includes strategic battles inspired by Clash Royale where you also get to control your hero inside the battlefield. Your protagonist will become your army's secret weapon.

Gameplay in Champion Strike is simple: your objective here is to use your units (represented by cards) and level them up in order to destroy your rival's two towers. The first player who can destroy the two towers will win the round. But, keep in mind one of the most important pieces of the game is your Champion. You can move him around the battlefield at will. Watch out though, he may be strong, but if he's defeated you can't use him again for 15 seconds.

Just like with any other game in the genre, you can customize your deck of cards in between battles. You can get these new cards from the treasure chests and level up your units to improve their life points, their speed and attack skills. And as you can imagine, the better your cards are, the more powerful your army will become.

Champion Strike is an excellent real-time online strategy game that introduces some unique elements inside the Clash Royale formula to offer you a straight-forward and entertaining gaming experience. The game also includes excellent visuals, which is always a big plus.
By Nelson de Benito

Android 4.2 or greater is required.